About Project ECHO

Spreading knowledge, expanding capacity & accelerating collective wisdom

Launched in 2003 in New Mexico, Project ECHO grew out of one doctor’s vision. Dr. Sanjeev Aroroa, M.D., was frustrated that he could serve only a fraction of hepatitis C patients. He wanted to serve as many patients as possible so he created a no cost, virtual mentoring platform and mentored community providers across New Mexico in how to treat the condition. The ECHO model is a telementoring, guided practice model where the participating primary care provider retains responsibility for managing the patient.

Moving Knowledge Not People

Project ECHO transforms the way education and KNOWLEDGE are delivered to reach more people in rural and UNDERSERVED COMMUNITIES.

This low-cost, high impact intervention is accomplished by linking inter-disciplinary specialist teams with multiple primary care providers and allied health through ECHO programs. Project ECHO now addresses over 65 complex conditions, in 23 countries around the world and 15 here in Ontario.
Experts mentor and share their expertise through a virtual network with case-based learning, enabling participants to treat patients with complex conditions in their own communities.

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